VW wants to buy Proton

According to the newspapers, Volkswagen intends to buy 51% of Proton, the malaysian car manufacturer. The sum expected to be payed by VW is somewhere around $500m. Why is VW interested? Simple really. Malaysia has a free trade agreement with Japan and is negociating the same thing with the US and Australia. This would give […]

VW Touareg pulls a Boeing 747 Video

I covered this before in this post, but now we got a video of the event. How cool is this! 😀 [youtube]05zRyoBbcfI[/youtube]

A VW Touareg pulled a 155 tons Boeing

A Volkswagen V10 TDI managed to make 150 meters on a runway in Dunsfold airport in London, pulling an 155 tons airplane. The car used was a normal VW Touareg, the only modifications being made were a special towing adaptor and 4.3 tones of additional metal to balance the car, which brought it to a […]

VW Passat R36 official

Volkswagen has published the first photos of the new Passat R36, the fastest version of the german family car. The new VW Passat R36 will be launched officialy at the end of november in both a sedan and break version. The R36 is different from the classic version of the Passat through the sports look […]