KTM X-Bow official photos

KTM has shown yesterday photos of their new model, the X-Bow. The X-Bow will probably be launched at the Geneva Auto Show. At first, there were rumours that the X-Bow will be built by Audi, but they will only provide the engine for this car. The X-Bow is a sportive supercar with a small weight […]

Audi R8 Video

Here is a video with the Audi R8 on the track, via the guys from Worldcarfans. [youtube]1cUKgFdwIm0[/youtube]

Audi A5 Coupe spy photos

Here’s the latest spy photo of the Audi A5 Coupe, via WorldCarFans.com. With a bit less disguise, the car can now be seen much easier in detail. The A5 seems to be almost the size of an A6, with 4.7m in length. The Audi A5 will probably be launched somewhere in the second part of […]

Audi A7 – possible look

Here’s a photo made by AMS, with the possible look of the future Audi A7, due to show up in 2009.