Mazda Nagare concept video

Here’s a video of the Mazda Nagare concept car. Looks absolutely superb! Just the kind of futuristic car I’d love to see mass produced. [youtube]1gRa7WsWV5Y[/youtube] Technorati : car video, concept car, mazda nagare, youtube

Handbrake parking, sweeet!!

I’ve seen videos of it before but this is too good to pass up. Enjoy;) [youtube]j-5avM9PGdE[/youtube]

Lamborghini Police Car video

Nice! 😀 [youtube]lVvBSucC-lM[/youtube]

Ferrari FXX Video

There are only 31 Ferrari FXX made in the world, so I’m guessing we will not see these videos too often. Enjoy! [youtube]nfF1Fzx8tmA[/youtube]

Renault Clio RS Video

Here’s a video of the Renault Clio RS driven by the F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen. [youtube]AsTFsoqDCjc[/youtube]

BMW Alpine Sinister 6 video


Tiff Needell video – driver training

Here’s a video of Tiff Needell, from the british auto show Fifth Gear, burning some rubber and teaching how some maneuvers are made. 58 minutes long and really worth watching! [googlevideo]7789779849418629011[/googlevideo]

Fiat Bravo Video

Here’s a video of the Fiat Bravo, spinning. You can see the car in every detail. Not a bad looking car. Its got some nice design elements into it, though I got a small problem with the overall look. [youtube]ymQHWrgUEFc[/youtube]

Nissan Qashqai Car Games Video

If you liked the car from my previous post, you might like this video of the Nissan Qashqai. I love how the marketing department of Nissan invented a “new sport” just to promote the new Nissan Qashqai. Before you watch the video … please don’t try this at home :P. [googlevideo]-6215917884653529406[/googlevideo]

Jay Leno EcoJet concept

Enjoy 🙂 [googlevideo]738474367464599153[/googlevideo]