Honda Accord Coupe Concept at Detroit

Honda will launch at the Detroit Auto Show a prototype that will certainly atract the american audience to their stand: the Accord Coupe Concept. According to the press release, the prototype will have exterior and interior lines that will give the first clues to the forms of the new generation of the Accord. The model […]

The new Cadillac SLS

The luxury division of GM, Cadillac, has registered record sales on the chinese market. The new Cadillac SLS will be launched at the Beijing Auto Show. Inspired by the sports sedan CTS, the Cadillac SLS is 10 cm longer to offer more space for the rear passengers. The Cadillac SLS will have three engines available, […]

Roewe 750E the new Rover 75

After the production rights for the Rover 75 were bought by the chinese from SAIC, here is the successor of the british model. Its name is Roewe 750E. As you may know SAIC bought the production rights for the Rover 25 and 75 models but couldn’t afford to buy the Rover name, that was bought […]

Moller M400 Skycar, a VTOL prototype for sale on Ebay!

I’m speachless. I had no idea that this existed, even as a prototype. A true flying car! Well, it doesn’t exactly fly ok right now. They have to atach it to a crane, to be sure nothing goes wrong. So it does fly, it’s just not very safe. Moller International, a California based company, is […]

Honda Civic Type S – 3 doors

Yupee, more news about the Honda Civic. Did I already mention that I love this car? Well, I do! This is the 3 door version, just presented in the Paris Auto Show. Differences between the Type S and the 5 door version: the car is lower and it’s got 17″ wheels. Some of the standard […]

The Dodge Caliber SRT-4 comes in 2007

It’s a typical american car, on a smaller scale, so I’m not really sure how much will the europeans digg it. I’m guessing it will be one of the two, either hate it, or love it. But, all that could change with the arrival of the Dodge Caliber SRT-4 in the last part of 2007. […]

Caparo T1 Prototype

There is a new car in town boys and girls, and I love it! It’s the first project of a new company, called Caparo Vehicle Technologies. The picture above is of the first of the two planned prototypes and the “series” model will come out in 2007. Well, not exactly series since there will be […]