Alfa Romeo 169 luxury sedan

Alfa Romeo plans to build a luxury sedan, based on the future generation of the Maserati Quattroporte. The four door sedan might be called 169 and will be the first rear traction model for Alfa Romeo in the last 17 years, but all this in 2009, when it will hit the market. The Alfa 169 […]

Cadillac DTS-L LWB

Cadillac will launch at the end of the month, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the DTS-L version, with long-wheelbase. The diferences are only at the length of the car (20 extra cm) and the positioning of the rear seats, so that the passengers are not seen from the outside. The DTS-L will be made […]

Maybach 62 S, the new model

What is the new Maybach 62 S? The ultimate luxury meeting a 612HP and 1000 Nm engine. When the letter S is added to the name of a car, the play ends and the battle between the sportive cars begins. It’s not the same for the new Maybach 62 S, the lance tip of the […]

New V6 engine for Audi A6

A new V6 2.8 liter engine is available for Audi A6 and Audi A6 Avant starting from October 20, 2006. This new engine has 210HP and 280nm torque, available all the time between 3000 and 5000 rpm. Just like the FSI engine, the V6 benefits for the first time from the incredibly efficient technology of […]

Infinity G35 announced by Nissan

Nissan announced yesterday the launch of the new Infinity G35 model. The new luxury sedan was launched in Seul, the South Koreea capital. The new Infinity G35 model will be powered by the fourth generation of the V6 VQ35HR engine with 315HP onboard. The Infinity G35 will be available in both a premium and a […]

A baby Maybach on the way

Between the Mercedes S600 and the Maybach 57 there is a 200,000 euro gap. This gap will soon be filled by a new model, the Maybach 51. DaimlerChrysler is trying to fill the gap between the Maybach 57 and the Mercedes S600, and that’s the difference between their prices, 384,000 euro and 150,000 euro. It […]

Rolls Royce is preparing a new model

During a private ceremony that took place during the Paris Auto Show, Ian Robertson, the president of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, confirmed the start of a new project for a series model that will be launched in the next 4 years. The new superlux model will be smaller then the Phantom (photo), and will cost between […]