Cleanova will be built and sold in China

Cleanova, the electric car developed by Heuliez and Dassault on the platform of Renault Kangoo will be built as a series model and sold in China. Serge Dassault has announced that he reached an agreement with the investment group China Citic Group to produce the Cleanova model starting from 2008. The platform for the model […]

Mitsubishi i MiEV electric city car

I was talking some time ago about hybrid/electric cars as a second family car. Well, here’s the Mitsubishi i MiEV, a new full electrical car. Bold step by Mitsubishi here, since they skipped the whole hybrid car step and went directly to the electrical propulsion. I really hope they’re gonna come out winners out of […]

H-Racer eco-toy

He, wish I had these toys when I was growing up. The H-Racer is a 100% ecological toy, powered by hydrogen and its made in China. It’s only got around 16cm (6 inches). The total autonomy with a full tank is about … 100 meters. The H-Racer is made by Horizon and uses solar energy […]

Mitsubishi wants to sell electric cars

Japan’s Mitsubishi announced yesterday in Las Vegas that they decided to invest in the production of a small electrical vehicle. Osamu Masuko, the company’s president announced that the model will be totally electric, the engine beeing powered by a bed of Lithium-Ion batteries. In a second stage the car will also have hybrid propulsion. Details […]

GM announces the Chevrolet Sequel

GM recently announced what they say its the most advanced automobile built so far, the Chevrolet Sequel. GM says that the Chevrolet Sequel is the first car in the world that has a true fuell cell implemented. Some of the advanced features of the Chevrolet Sequel are commands that don’t need wires, engines near the […]