F, performance from Lexus

Lexus will create its own performance division, called F, to rival with the M from BMW and AMG from Mercedes. The first car will be the IS-F, that will get under the hood a tuned version of the V8 from the LS600h. This new variant of the engine will have 425HP. The new IS-F will […]

Subaru Impreza RB320 special edition

Subaru will launch a special edition of the Impreza, called RB320, in memory of Richard Burns, ex-winner of the FIA WRC title. 18″ alloy wheels, Bilstein professional suspensions, front and rear spoilers down by 30 and 10mm, are just a few of the elements of the RB320. The engine offers 320HP and gets the car […]

Porsche Boxter at the 200,000 mark

Porsche reached a landmark with the Boxter model, managing to reach 200,000 cars sold. When Porsche first launched the Boxter, they announced an anual target of 15,000 cars. In the 2005/2006 fiscal year, Porsche made 27,906 Boxters. The most important market for Porsche is North America with 40% of the total sales, followed by Germany […]

VW Passat R36 official

Volkswagen has published the first photos of the new Passat R36, the fastest version of the german family car. The new VW Passat R36 will be launched officialy at the end of november in both a sedan and break version. The R36 is different from the classic version of the Passat through the sports look […]

Renault Clio RS Video

Here’s a video of the Renault Clio RS driven by the F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen. [youtube]AsTFsoqDCjc[/youtube]

STI for more Subaru models

The badge of the best division of Subaru will appear on more models. Untill now the STI badge was reserved just for the Impreza model. Tomohiro Ishitobi, Subaru’s vicepresident, announced in an interview given to the british magazine AutoWeek that the market is ready for more STI version of the Subaru models. For those that […]

Jaguar wants the XKR-R

According to AutoExpress, Jaguar is planning a ultra-sportive variant of their already sportive XKR. According to the british publication, the new variant will be named Jaguar XKR-R. The two door model will have a 500HP engine, thats 80 more then the XKR series model. The sports chairs and the carbon fiber elements will have the […]

Toyota Supra – Reloaded

I heard that Toyota is working on the new generation of the legendary Supra model, taken out of production in 1996. The new Toyota Supra will hit the market in 2008. With a design inspired from the LF-A style, a Lexus model, the future Supra will be a competitor for the Nissan GT-R. The engine […]

BMW 6 series – future diesel version

Hmm, a diesel version for the BMW 6 series. Not sure how I feel about that. It will be called the 635d and will do the 0-100km/h in 6 seconds with a maximum speed of 250km/h limited from the manufacturer. The engine will only take about 10 liters/100km despite the performances of the car. We’ll […]

Anniversary Golf GTI

In 2007 there will be 30 years since the first VW Golf GTI was born. To celebrate this, VW is preparing a special version of the current Golf GTI model. The engine of the anniversary Golf GTI will be a 2.0 TFSI with 230HP. The details different in the exterior will be a modified spoiler […]