Ferrari P4/5

The new Ferrari P4/5, designed by Pininfarina, is quicker then an Enzo and four times more expensive. You’re probably wondering by now what’s the price tag on this little monster. Well, hold on to your chair, it’s 6,120,000 euros (yeah, those are millions). Even better (or worse), this is a special order so this is […]

McLaren SLR Roadster announced

After three years since the SLR appeared it seems that finnaly a SLR Roadster version will be made. It will be launched in about six months. I don’t really like roadsters, but hey, it’s an SLR and it’s fast as hell. Almost forgot .. the price will be $667,000 apparently. Damn!

New limited Lambo series – Gallardo Nera

Lamborghini came to the Paris Auto Show with a new limited Gallardo seris, The Gallardo Nera. It’s a limited edition, typical to the world for supersport cars and its derived from the 2007 series model of Gallardo. The total number of Nera’s beeing made will be 185 and they will be personalized according to the […]