Hyundai Coupe SIII

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Hyundai has launched the newest version of the Coupe model. The new Hyundai Coupe SIII will be sold starting from January 1 2007.

This new generation received a new interior and exterior design, both in the front and in the back. In the interior, the buyers have the option to choose between red or black leather. Changes can also be seen at the central console, that now has a more sporty look. The Coupe SIII also has an audio system compatible with iPods.

The first engine is a 16 valve 1.6litre with 103HP and a manual 5 gear transmission. The next engine is a 2.0L petrol with 141HP. This engine allows the SIII to make the 0-100km/h in 9.3 seconds and a maximum speed of 207km/h. The top engine is a 2.7L V6 with 165HP with a maximum speed of 225km/h.

Dunno, I would expect more speed from it. 165HP is damn pathetic if you ask me. Don’t know why they even bother making such a nice exterior.