GeigerCars Christmas Edition Hummer H2

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The germans from Geiger have prepared a surprise for Santa Clause. The engineers of the german tuner together with PRO 7 tv station have made a Christmas edition of the Hummer H2.

Leather interior, electric fireplace, heating sources, the floor covered with a bear skin and a complete audio/video system give it a welcoming and warm atmosphere. There is also 42 inch monitor and a bar.

The price of the GeigerCars Christmas Edition Hummer H2 is 110,000 euro.

geigercars-christmas-edition-hummer-h2-2.jpg geigercars-christmas-edition-hummer-h2-3.jpg

geigercars-christmas-edition-hummer-h2-4.jpg geigercars-christmas-edition-hummer-h2-5.jpg

geigercars-christmas-edition-hummer-h2-6.jpg geigercars-christmas-edition-hummer-h2-7.jpg


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