Fiability made in China

75% of the cars made in China, suffer a malfunction in the first 6 months of life. This is what the Chinese Association for Quality says atleast. More then that, for every 100 sold cars, there were 338 malfunctions in the first 9 months since they were bought, while they were only 246 registered last […]

Chrysler Nassau and Jeep Trailhawk concepts

These are the first official drawings of two of the concepts that will be launched by the Daimler-Chrysler group at Detroit, in the beggining of January. The Chrysler Nassau (photo above) is a coupe-sedan in the style of the Mercedes CLS, with four doors and four seats. The second concept, the Jeep Trailhawk (photo below), […]

Toyota diesel-electric hybrid in 2010

Toyota will extend its offer for the auto market. The reason for the 6% bought by Toyota from Isuzu has been finnaly found out. They’re gonna make a diesel hybrid, in their quest to take the number 1 in the auto market. The model will be built together with Isuzu, and apparently it was the […]

Toyota Camry, car of the year in the US

The Toyota Camry model was voted Car of the Year 2007 in America by the Motor Trend magazine, due to its inovations and high demand on the market. The Toyota Camry is the best sold car in America right now. The Camry offers a new design, performance, efficience and a generous space at a reasonable […]

Audi A7 – possible look

Here’s a photo made by AMS, with the possible look of the future Audi A7, due to show up in 2009.

TVR Typhoon special edition

TVR, the british auto manufacturer will celebrate 60 years since it was founded with a limited edition of 60 cars. The new supercar will be named Typhoon and will be equiped with a 600HP engine. The Typhoon will have elements of carbon fiber to better exploit the capabilities of the engine. While the capabilities are […]

Maserati MC12 Corsa preview

Maserati will launch at the Bologna Auto Show the MC12 Corsa, a very limited series supercar. Only twelve MC12 will be made and each will cost 1 million euro. Its powered by a 6L V12 with 755HP and 710nm at 8000rpm. The maximum speed is 326km/h and the acceleration from 0 to 200km/h is done […]

Porsche Cayenne 2008 preview photos

Porsche has officialy presented a few photos of the future Cayenne. Unfortunately, you can’t make much of them but atleast we now know that the launch is close, hopefully at the Geneva Auto Show from march. More pics after the jump:

Porsche Boxter at the 200,000 mark

Porsche reached a landmark with the Boxter model, managing to reach 200,000 cars sold. When Porsche first launched the Boxter, they announced an anual target of 15,000 cars. In the 2005/2006 fiscal year, Porsche made 27,906 Boxters. The most important market for Porsche is North America with 40% of the total sales, followed by Germany […]

Jinbei Zhonghua M3 concept car

The Pekin Auto Show is not just a place for the western companies to launch their concepts (VW Neeza concept), but also one where chinese companies can show what they can do. Jinbei Automotive presented the Zhonghua M3 concept car. Its a car that looks much better then the usual chinese design, a coupe, that […]