Satellite speed limiter

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Peugeot, Citroen and Renault are working together and testing in this period a system that will change the auto industry, according to them. The system is called Lavia and its an automated system to limit the speed of a car through the satellite.


They’ve been working for three years on this system together with INRETS and the results seem to be positive so far. The system permits the intervention on the engine of the car, to limit the speed, depending on the area where the car is at that time. The GPS positions the car on a map with all the speed limit areas and sends the information to the car, automatically regulating the speed. To prevent the incidents where you need more speed, in the case of kick-down (pushing hard the acceleration), the system allows for that limit to be passed untill the danger is behind.

A poll among the 100 drivers that tested the system revealed that very few used the kick-down to neutralise the system. As a whole the drivers adapted to the system easily.

Nice idea. Wouldn’t mind for this to be implemented inside cities.

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