A VW Touareg pulled a 155 tons Boeing

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A Volkswagen V10 TDI managed to make 150 meters on a runway in Dunsfold airport in London, pulling an 155 tons airplane.

The car used was a normal VW Touareg, the only modifications being made were a special towing adaptor and 4.3 tones of additional metal to balance the car, which brought it to a total 7.03 tons, driver included. For publicity reasons, the exterior of the car was replaced with that of the future Touareg 2007.

The theoretical pulling capacity was calculated to be 200 tons, based on the 764nm produced by the engine. The only requierements for this where a totally dry surface and the added weight.

The VW Touareg managed to pull the 155 ton Boeing for 150 meters with a constant speed of 8km/h.

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