Mahindra Scorpio SUV 2008

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The indian auto manufacturer Mahindra has announced that they want to enter the SUV market in 2008. The plans are already serious for the asian manufacturer, Mahindra agreeing with Global Vehicles about the distribution of their models on the american market. The ammount that has to be payed by a dealer to sell Mahindra cars was set to 125,000 dollars. The americans from Global Vehicles didn’t declare anything due to some restrictions from the contract.

The Mahindra SUV will arrive in the american dealerships in 2008 and will be called Scorpio. Apparently Mahindra also wants to bring on the american market a second 4×4 vehicle in the form of a pick-up.

The indian company has experience in producing 4×4 vehicles, being the suplier of off-road vehicles for the indian army. Mahindra’s current auto production is 125,000/year, being the 34th auto manufacturer in the world.

I guess it depends on the price, but I don’t really see the Mahindra Scorpio succeed on the american market, due to its more exclusivist nature. Not many would want to be seen in an indian SUV. It’s up to Mahindra to either prove that their cars are reliable or maybe make it very cheap and give an SUV for the masses.