6500 Euro Volkswagen

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Its as real as it gets. Volkswagen plans to hit the european markets with a model that will have price around 6500 Euro.

6500 Euro Volkswagen The germans from AutoBild announced in their latest issue that Volkswagen is preparing a replacement for the Fox model, that is currently produced in Brazil. Announced as a model with a price that will not be higher then 6500 euro, this new VW has the same design line as the rest of the models currently produced by the german car manufacturer.

Its the second project of this type announced by an european manufacturer, after Renault made it big time with their Dacia Logan model. Due to the low price ESP and traction control seem like things not likely to be onboard, but the AutoBild says they will. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I like the little car. If its cheap it will be a very good starter car for students or young families with no children.