Changan CV6 – the latest chinese car

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Changan CV6The chinese auto industry, that just managed to get the third place in the world is the source of a new model. I’m talking about the Changan CV6, an interesting car, design wise. Not something we imagined saying about chinese cars, I admit. The explanation, the Changan CV6 is made at Torino, the home of italian small cars. The Changan CV6 is designed by the italian design house, IDEA.

Changan, the producer of the CV6 is the 5th largest chinese manufacturer, a traditional builder of small models, untill now under Suzuki licence. I think this is their first in-house model.

Changan CV6The Changan CV6 is 3500mm in length, 1570mm in height and 1.3L engine with 84HP. Not bad at all for a car this small! The Changan CV6 will be sold in China starting the end of this year with a price of 3500 euro ($4200). There is a rumour that it might even be exported in Europe. Too bad the import taxes will kill the price advantage of this little insect.