Seat Tango Roadster

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Seat Tango Roadster conceptAbout 5 years ago, in 2001, Seat showed us a concept car that I personally loved. It’s a two person roadster and finally they’ve announced that they’re gonna make it a series model. We’ll have to wait two more years to see it in action, but hey, this little Seat Tango is worth it.

Altough the series model will not have all the glamour gadgets that the Seat Tango concept had, I hope some of them will be kept. I’m referring here to the 1.8 liter turbo engine, that had 180HP, a maximum speed of 230km/h (140mp/h) and could do the 0-100km/h (0-60mp/h) in 7 seconds.

The Seat Tango Roadster will be available in 2008 and according to Luc Donkervolke, the design man behind Seat, it will fit the current design line of Seat. Hey, if that’s how all the Seat models are gonna look like, I say “Bring it on”!