Fiat 500 cabrio revealed

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Fiat 500 cabrio

Hehe, I like the front of the new Fiat 500 cabrio. Can’t say I’m crazy after it’s back though. Maybe the photo is to blame (see it after the jump), but it seems a little boxy to me.

It will go on sale in 2008 and it will have numerous options so that buyers can personalise their cars. Unfortunately, due to its small size, the designers haven’t implemented the one thing that would make me buy a convertible, and that’s a metal, electric top. It’s gonna be manual and its gonna be made out of fabric, so no chance for me even considering this Fiat 500 cabrio.

Due to the fact that it has most of the Ford Ka engineering and its made at the same factory in Poland, the future Fiat 500 cabrio will be able to maintain a cheap price.

Its gonna be a 2 seater, with enough room behind the chairs for the roof top and some luggage. The engines will be a 1.1 and a 1.2 petrol and a 1.3 Multijet diesel engine. Both manual and automatic transmisions will be available for this city toy called Fiat 500 cabrio.

One more photo after the jump:

Fiat 500 cabrio back