Mitsubishi wants to sell electric cars

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Japan’s Mitsubishi announced yesterday in Las Vegas that they decided to invest in the production of a small electrical vehicle. Osamu Masuko, the company’s president announced that the model will be totally electric, the engine beeing powered by a bed of Lithium-Ion batteries. In a second stage the car will also have hybrid propulsion. Details about the price of the car have not been given yet but it will be announced in the near future.

I’m all for small electrical cars to be honest. While they might not be practical for long trips, I can easily imagine a family having two cars in the future, one of which beeing one of these little cars. For the few miles drive to work or for some shopping or taking the kids to school it would be perfect. Cheap, silent, fits easily in traffic (you don’t really need speed during rush hour). Perfect as a second car!