Iran Khodro Samand for Eastern Europe

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Iran Khodro Samand

The biggest iranian car manufacturer, Iran Khodro is contemplating the possibility to launch the Iran Khodro Samand in some of the Eastern European countries, including Romania and the ex-Iugoslavia states. Recently, Iran Khodro recently started exporting the Samand model in Poland and Bulgaria.

The exports for the eastern european market have been managed by the new plants opened in Belarus and Azerbaidjan, offering the iranian car manufacturer easier access to the ex-URSS and eastern european countries.

Hmm, I don’t think they’re doing anyone a service by exporting this Iran Khodro Samand. Don’t know about it’s insides, but the look of the car can certainly improve if they want to compete with Skoda, Renault or other car manufacturers. It could be a competitor for Dacia Logan though, as the price used in Bulgaria for the Samand model is between 8700 and 10000 euros.