Honda Civic Type S – 3 doors

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Yupee, more news about the Honda Civic. Did I already mention that I love this car? Well, I do! This is the 3 door version, just presented in the Paris Auto Show. Differences between the Type S and the 5 door version: the car is lower and it’s got 17″ wheels. Some of the standard options of the Hond Civic Type S are the VSA system (ESP), air conditioning, airbags and audio system with remote control. In the GT variant, the Honda Civic Type S has bi-zone air conditioning, cruise control, light and rain sensors.

The Honda Civic Type S will be sold starting from january 2007, and the Civic Type R starting march. The Hond Civic Type R will have 200HP and VW Golf GTI as an oponent.

Honda Civic Type S